Neck Lift

DOUBLE jawline

Changes in the neck and jawline are among the most prominent signs of early facial aging. They take the form of loose skin, folds and wrinkles that run from the chin to the base of the neck, and accumulated fat.

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98% of patients recommend Crisalix to their friends.
98% of patients recommend Crisalix to their friends.

What is Neck Lift

Some of us may have inherited different neck contour conditions, unrelated to aging, such as a heavy, full, puffy neck.

In any case, these signs leave us wondering where and how we can improve the appearance of our neck.

Neck Lift

Neck Lift What are the benefits?

A Neck Lift can correct the contour of your neck by restoring the underlying muscles, repositioning the skin, smoothing vertical neck lines and removing excess fat.
At MD Clinics, the advanced techniques applied by our surgeons will rejuvenate your neck, giving it an improved, natural appearance tailored to your unique anatomy and aesthetic standards.
The result is a more elegant and youthful facial contour, thanks to a neck that will radiate a revitalised sense of healthiness, wellness and vitality.
Neck Lift

Neck Lift Who is a suitable candidate?

In general, candidates for a Neck Lift are men and women who feel that their neck area does not match the look of their face. It is important to note that we are referring to healthy individuals without medical conditions that could hinder the healing process. Many patients who want a neck lift are also suitable candidates for a facelift, so the two operations are often combined.
As is always the case at our clinic, your suitability will ultimately be determined after your first visit with your doctor.

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Neck Lift Why do a Neck Lift?

Because it will greatly reduce the wrinkles on your neck and minimize the appearance of horizontal and vertical lines.

Because it will eliminate the appearance of "the drooping neck" and highlight the outline of your jaw, restoring a youthful outline around your face.

Because the operation will improve your overall appearance, removing wrinkles and excess fat from your neck and many years off your face.

Neck Lift Results

Neck Lift Testimonials Testimonials

"I decided to come to MD Clinics because I had heard very good things about the doctors and their staff. I am almost 60 years old, and for the last 15 years, I have been very unhappy with how my neck has sagged and aged. Well, these 15 years have already disappeared from my body! I couldn't be more pleased!"
Stratoula B.
“The best plastic surgeon ever! Calm, instructive, and awesome. The clinic, which is spotlessly clean and beautiful, has a very hygienic environment and is located at an ideal spot in Athens for cosmetic procedures. I am so fortunate to have found it and will be back soon!”
Tzortzis A.
"My doctor was pleasant, friendly, and a great plastic surgeon. The clinic is very elegant and welcoming. Best of all: I am thrilled with the results of the Neck Lift. I can't believe how prettier I look and feel while still looking completely normal, like my good old self, but so much more rejuvenated!"
Σάντρα Τ.
"My surgeon's work is excellent. Those around me understand that something has changed, but they cannot tell what exactly I have done. Three weeks after surgery, my face looks 15 years younger. No scars left, and my face looks fresh and new! I feel different, and my confidence has skyrocketed. I love looking at myself in the mirror after many years! The staff were also very welcoming, and I will be forever grateful!"
Γιώργος Ζ.

Neck Lift FAQ

Does a Neck Lift hurt?

No. The operation is done with local anesthesia if it involves only liposuction, but it can also be done with mild sedation or even with general anesthesia. This allows you to be simultaneously awake and relaxed, as the procedure will be entirely painless.

How long does the operation last?

The Neck Lift procedure can take between one to three hours to complete. The required period of time depends on each case's complexity and particular conditions.

How long is the healing period?

Bandages are removed after one week, and most patients can return to work two weeks after surgery. The avoidance of intensive physical exercise for a period of about four weeks is recommended.

Will I look like I had plastic surgery?

The incisions are small and discreet, which helps minimize their visibility after surgery. In many cases, the scars are tucked in the natural skin folds of the scalp or hair. Over time they become entirely unnoticeable.

How long do the results last?

Neck Lift results can last from 10 to 15 years. It's not as if time will stand still, of course, but as the years go by, your neck will always look much firmer and younger than if you had not had the operation.

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