No matter how much you exercise or how meticulously you monitor your calorie intake, those stubborn, persistent fat reserves around the waist, the hips and the thighs simply refuse to go away


What is Coolsculpting

When all that dieting and the long hours at the gym don't seem to be paying off, the frustration you have to go through can be hugely disappointing.

Thankfully, there is another way! CoolSculpting is a state-of-the-art fat-freezing technology that improves your body shape, giving you the slim, toned physique you always thought was out of your grasp.

Exercise-resistant fat cells and diet accumulate in specific places in the body; the secret power of the CoolSculpting device is that its controlled freezing technology targets these fat cells individually to eliminate them. The method we use at MD Clinics is certifiably safe, effective and also rids you of the long recovery times that other, more invasive procedures may involve.

Coolsculpting Where is Botox applied?

Bra Area







Upper Arms


Fat Under the Jawline

Coolsculpting What are the benefits?

Cool Sculpting ασφαλής μη επεμβατική

Safe non-invasive

Cool Sculpting άμεσα αποτελέσματα

Direct results

Cool Sculpting ανώδυνη αφαίρεση λίπους

Painless fat removal

Cool Sculpting κατάλληλη για τις ευαίσθητες περιοχές

Suitable for sensitive areas

Ποια ειναι τα οφέλη;

Μη επεμβατική

Χωρίς μώλωπες

Άμεσα Αποτελέσματα

Coolsculpting Why do CoolSculpting;

Because it is the safest non-invasive way to get rid of those isolated pockets of fat. Especially at MD Clinics, where our specialized staff and state-of-the-art devices are at your service.

Because it is indisputably effective. We guarantee that after the treatment, you will lose approximately 30% of the fat in the areas where Coolsculpting was applied.

Because, in contrast to other methods, along with the loss of fat, you will also acquire firmer skin. Coolsculpting eliminates the unpleasant side effect of sagging skin in the treated area.

Because the procedure is non-invasive and virtually painless. At most, you might experience a slight burning sensation, light bruising, and a slightly numb sensation on your skin

Coolsculpting Results

Coolsculpting Testimonials Testimonials

"Having had three children (two of them via C-section), I had gotten some seriously stubborn belly fat that I couldn't get rid of. Even though I was back to my normal weight and working out regularly, my saggy belly simply wouldn't go away. Coolsculpting helped me achieve the results I've wanted for years in no time! The effect was immediate and spectacular. My husband noticed a difference within two weeks. I recommend MD Clinics for Coolsculpting treatment with all my heart!"
Μάρω Τ.
"Following the treatment I had on my tummy and thighs, my confidence is sky high, all my clothes fit better, and I am strongly motivated to take better care of myself through better nutrition and exercise. The staff at MD Clinics are extremely helpful. I felt very comfortable through every single stage of the process. It is not very easy for many of us to talk openly about our bodies, but dealing with serious (yet so friendly!) professionals who showed a genuine interest in my well-being made it almost effortless and even enjoyable."
Grigoris K.
"Right after my first Coolsculpting session, I noticed a big change in my waist, the area that had caused me the most trouble. Now, after another appointment for my tummy, my lower abdomen has also significantly reduced in size. I am beyond happy with my results and feel truly fortunate to have chosen MD Clinics!"
Αλίκη Γ.
"I look like I've lost weight! The fat around my waist has completely disappeared. So happy! And it's not painful. Plus, there's no recovery time! You can do it on a lunch break and get back to work. Give it a try; you'll be delighted!"
Στέλλα Σ.

Coolsculpting FAQ

Who is an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting? 

The easy answer to this question is: every healthy adult who wants to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. However, people suffering from autoimmune diseases, pregnant and new mothers who are breastfeeding, and people with varicose veins in the lower limbs or hernias in the abdominal area, are not allowed to undergo treatment. All of these issues will be taken into account by your doctor at MD Clinics and discussed with them at your first consultation.

How many times will I have to do the treatment?

In most cases, a single session proves to be sufficient, with the majority of our customers declaring themselves completely satisfied with the results they get. Very rarely, a follow-up session might be advisable.

Is there something I should know about post-treatment?

If an area of your body hurts a little after treatment, it is best to not push yourself in the gym by exercising that particular spot, especially if you are dressed in clothing that may rub against it during exercise and thus irritate it more. Allow some time for the healing area to rest until the redness subsides.

Is it possible for the fat that's been removed to come back again?

No. Your body's total number of fat cells remains constant once you reach adulthood. As you gain or lose weight, these cells can get bigger or smaller, but their total number remains unchanged. CoolSculpting eliminates them permanently. Therefore, the total number of your fat cells decreases, so your body can no longer store much fat in that area. The specific spot in your body will always remain toned, even if you put on more weight in the future.

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