Oversized breasts are often much more of a mental burden than a physical feature that causes difficulties in moving around or choosing the right swimsuit.

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98% of patients recommend Crisalix to their friends.
98% of patients recommend Crisalix to their friends.
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What is

Their excessive volume and weight can significantly hinder your daily life and mental health in ways that can be emotionally painful while completely unnecessary.
It is a very popular and safe operation that will transform your figure, upgrade the quality of your daily life and revitalize your positive mood!
Most people know that Breast Reduction reduces the volume of the breasts to gain a more balanced proportion with the rest of the figure. Few people know that this procedure has the greatest number of satisfied post-operative patients across the entire spectrum of plastic surgery.
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BREAST REDUCTION Who is a suitable candidate?

Breast Reduction is recommended to any woman with disproportionately large breasts that, in addition to the aesthetic and personal issue of an undesirable appearance, also cause a series of difficulties in her daily life and potential health problems.
τι ειναι η

BREAST REDUCTION If your breasts cause

pain in your neck

skin irritation behind the breast

Πόνους τους ώμους και τη ράχη

hunch forward

asymmetrical breasts

difficulty on sleep

difficulty in daily movement

noticeable drooping of the breast

then Breast Reduction is the right decision to change both your image and your health for the better!

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BREAST REDUCTION Why should I get a Breast Reduction?

Because it will relieve you of the strain on your back, neck, and shoulders.

Because VASER causes significantly less bruising and swelling and trauma due to the predictable and precise pulsed ultrasound energy that liquefies fat cells.

Because it will give you a more symmetrical, beautiful, and youthful shape both in your chest and your entire silhouette.

Because you will enjoy a much better fit in swimwear, dresses, blouses, and any other clothing items you wish to wear above the waist.


Breast Reduction Testimonials Testimonials

"In no way did I expect such a pleasant experience. First of all, the clinic is beautiful, like a spa. I felt from the first moment that my doctor would take good care of me. He immediately understood what I needed and gave his staff a clear direction. I am really thrilled with the result of my breast reduction!"
Virginia M.
“I know different people have different experiences, but for women considering breast reduction, I suggest you look at how you feel in your body, how you want to see yourself, and how to live the life you want. The only thing I regret about my surgery is that I waited so long to have it!”
Έμη Φ.
“When I took my first shower after the operation, I cried with emotion! For the first time in countless years, I could see my waistline! "
Μαριαλένα Ξ.
"As the years went by, my quality of life worsened because of my breast size. I suffered from constant back pain and was constantly forced to deprive myself of activities I would have liked to do. Because I just couldn't! I feel immense gratitude to the people at MD Clinics and especially to my doctor! You have changed my life for the better!"
Ελπίδα Κ.


Is it possible to know what my breasts will look like before I do the procedure?

Before the operation, a 3D digital visualization based on your wishes and needs is always available with our unique Crisalix software. At the same time, we consult with you to reach the best aesthetic result.

Is a breast reduction painful?

Our surgical knowledge, advanced techniques, and tools are incomparably better than those of the past, and of course, we employ all of the above to deliver the best results. With these new techniques, pain is significantly reduced. Most ladies undergoing breast reduction surgery at MD Clinics report only mild to moderate post-operative discomfort. This, of course, is regulated with the appropriate painkillers. The pain usually goes away entirely after the first 4-5 days.

How long does the operation last?

Your doctor will be able to estimate how long the procedure will take in your particular case. On the day of your surgery, you should expect to spend about 5 hours in our clinic. The average Breast Reduction surgery can take 2 to 4 hours to complete. The rest of the time will be spent administering anesthesia and preparing you to go home.

What is the recovery time?

It may take up to 2 weeks to fully recover from Breast Reduction surgery. You will need to take 3 days off work and be assisted with housework, childcare and shopping.

Will the operation leave any scars?

Some scarring is to be expected after any surgery. In recent years Breast Reduction scars have become smaller and slimmer. They are located around and below the nipples; thus, they are not noticeable even if you wear a low-cut neckline or swimsuit. In the first days after the operation, they will have a soft red hue and may cause you a slight itch. Over time they will fade to where, after about a year, they will be entirely unnoticeable.

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